GTG Engineering presents a revolutionary new product – LLFA ® Tape.  LLFA ®  is changing the way industry insulates and seals electrical connections.
LLFA ® Tape, once applied, fuses with itself forming a "rubber sheath", which doesn’t lose tension over time or in harsh environments. As its only action in sealing is through compression, there is no issue with adhesion and compatibility. 
LLFA ®  forms an enduring seal that will insulate electrically. It is also tough enough to repair damaged and leaking pipes subject to high pressures and temperatures.
Advanced Leak Repair Solution
LLFA ® Tape is reducing emergency shut down time by providing a robust temporary repair on pipes that are subject to pressures of up to 150PSI. 
LLFA ® Tape is easily applied, so systems can be quickly repaired. With LLFA ® lost time is significantly reduced.
See the
"steam pressure test" video clip.
Electrical Jointing Solution
LLFA® Tape is utilised to insulate and seal electrical cable splices where high and low temperature stability is needed, and where moisture, weather and radiation resistance is required.
LLFA® Smooth is a pliable insulating putty that can be used to quickly fill voids before wrapping with LLFA ® Tape.

A technical officer for the Institute of Lighting Engineers in the UK has procured LLFA Compression Tape for cable jointing in a bid to address safety concerns and to reduce the environmental impact associated with current joining methods . [more]

LLFA rivals both resin and heat shrink jointing solutions !
A straight joint and branch joint spliced with LLFA Tape and LLFA Smooth have undergone type testing and successfully meet the requirements of BS EN 50393:2006! [more]

BS6920 tests on LLFA Tape have proven that it is safe for use in direct contact with drinking water up to 85°C (185°F).

Revolutionary Repair

Replaces Resin Kits
& Heat Shrink

Saves Time & Money

Easily Applied
Instant Repair


Replaces Hazardous

Made in the USA

Compression Tape that
Combines Ultra Fast
Self Fusion with
High Tensile Strength

Water Tight Electrical Cable
Jointing & Termination

Leaking Pipe Repair without
Reducing the Pressure or
Turning off the Flow

High Voltage Insulation

Highly UV Resistant

Exceptional Life Span - Temperature Range
Over 40 years            -      -90c to +260c


Revolutionary New Product
Permanent Repair Method
Saves Time & Money
Exceptional Lifespan
High Tensile Strength

Winner Most Innovative product UK
Alfa Tape Video

Welcome to the home of LLFA Tape in New Zealand

Welcome to the home of LLFA Tape in New Zealand